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Agricultural societies seek solace indoors

http://cedriclefebvre.com/2013/07/bikershot-hits-out-magazine/ DESPITE their farming roots, a better future beckons indoors for England’s agricultural societies.

get link The Lincolnshire Agricultural Society came close to admitting as much when it unveiled plans to sell off 70 acres of farmland next to the county showground north of Lincoln. Continue reading

End of the honeymoon for Caroline Spelman?

follow site It should have been so relaxed. But this year’s NFU conference was anything other than a love-in between farm leaders and politicians. Continue reading

Phoney spending war finally over

After all the speculation, the worst government cuts since the 1930s will finally be unveiled this month. Continue reading

Meat on the bones of Defra’s food strategy

Politicians are increasingly using the Oxford Farming Conference as a platform to set the agenda for the agricultural year. Continue reading

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