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Shake-up and succession at the NFU


Forget the safe option, the NFU’s new leadership team is radical and exciting – so strap yourself in and prepare for the ride. Continue reading

What does it take to become a farm leader?

Would-be NFU leaders must endure a marathon lasting hundreds of miles in the run-up to election day. Continue reading

Does farming need a professional body?










IS there really room for another farming body? After all, the list of groups is already as long as your arm. Continue reading

Industry leaders discuss CAP reform

Farm leaders, politicians, civil servants and policy-makers gather at the Royal Society in London to discuss the likely impact of proposals to reform the Common Agricultural policy. Continue reading

Why we must seize back the farming initiative

Is there a crisis in the countryside? Certainly not when it comes to biodiversity, argues farm leader Peter Kendall. Continue reading

End of the NFU dream team?

NFU deputy president Meurig Raymond has a big decision to make over the coming weeks – whether to launch a leadership bid against union leader Peter Kendall. Continue reading

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