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Does farming need a professional body?










IS there really room for another farming body? After all, the list of groups is already as long as your arm. Continue reading

Food for thought – Spelman’s speech at Oxford

A wordcloud highlights the patriotic farmer-friendly tone of Defra secretary Caroline Spelman’s speech to this year’s Oxford Farming Conference. Continue reading

Red tape tops agenda at Northern Farming Conference

IN LITTLE more than a year, the Northern Farming Conference has established itself as a major event in the agricultural calendar. Continue reading

Behind the scenes – interview with DEFRA secretary Caroline Spelman










A ONE-TO-ONE interview with a government minister is rarely a relaxing experience for journalist or politician. Continue reading

DEFRA officials should work on farms

Sign - Department for Environment, Food & Rural AffairsHow many DEFRA civil servants have worked on a farm?

Not enough, say MPs, who want more government officials to get out from behind their desks and get their boots dirty. Continue reading

Just what is the UK position on CAP reform?

EUROPE’S Common Agricultural Policy is complicated enough, without politicians who seem to perform verbal somersaults whenever they mention it. Continue reading

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