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Five more years of certainty for subsidies – but then what?

Pledges made by politicians for agriculture have been thin on the ground in the run-up to this month’s general election – with one notable exception. Continue reading

Farming needs friends to forge a better future

When times are hard, it is good to have friends. Few people like facing a challenge alone – and when uncertainties abound it is comforting to know people are rallying to the cause and we are not left on our own. Continue reading

‘Brexit boom’ for UK farm machinery

Sales are soaring of second-hand tractors at the world’s largest monthly farm machinery in Cambridgeshire, UK. Continue reading

‘My farm is a fly-tipping warzone’

Essex grower Harry Fisher says organised criminal gangs dumping waste on an industrial scale have turned his farm into a “warzone”. Continue reading

Farming sector must unite to argue case for agriculture

Now Article 50 is triggered, the Brexit clock has started ticking faster. Two years of talks can now get under way, after which the UK will formally leave the European Union. Continue reading

Urgent need for detail from Defra on Brexit

Like any long term business, agriculture needs certainty to encourage investment. It also needs to profitability. Both are in short supply at the moment. Continue reading

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