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Farmer hit in face with metal bar after taking on illegal hare coursers

A Cambridgeshire farmer needed 14 stitches after being struck by a metal bar during an encounter with illegal hare coursers. Continue reading

UK minister hints at more consensual approach to Brexit

Defra minister George Eustice tells me the UK will adopt a more consensual approach to Brexit after the 2017 general election result. Continue reading

‘Brexit boom’ for UK farm machinery

Sales are soaring of second-hand tractors at the world’s largest monthly farm machinery in Cambridgeshire, UK. Continue reading

‘My farm is a fly-tipping warzone’

Essex grower Harry Fisher says organised criminal gangs dumping waste on an industrial scale have turned his farm into a “warzone”. Continue reading

Farmers use WhatsApp in fight against rural crime

A group of Essex farmers is using the private messaging system WhatsApp to keep one step ahead of crime in the countryside. Continue reading

Farmers take to London streets in protest at low prices

More than 1,000 farmers take to the streets of London in protest at low farmgate prices.

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