FARMING and the way we communicate have come a long way since Twitter launched eight years ago.

Just how far is illustrated by the first tentative tweets from farmers, farming organisations and others in the industry.

Some tweets are more interesting than others – and some suggest we didn’t know what to tweet about.

But since we took these first faltering steps, Twitter has become a vital communication tool for many of us.

All the ‘first tweets’ on this page were found using the Discover Twitter facility, which you can use to find your first tweet too. 1. @tteague
Shropshire Farmer Tim Teague (3 July 2008) 2. @farmersweekly
Farmers Weekly magazine & FWi website (20 October 2008) 3. @matthewnaylor
Lincolnshire Farmer Matthew Naylor (8 February 2009)


4. @DefraGovUK
DEFRA – Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (12 May 2010)


5. @EssexPeasant
Essex farmer Guy Smith – now NFU vice-president (7 April 2010)


6. @NFUtweets
NFU – National Farmers’ Union of England & Wales (31 July 2009)


7. @arrhenius
Martin Nesbit – formerly DEFRA director of EU & international agriculture (2 January 2009)


8. @sunkfarmer
Yorkshire farmer and #clubhectare co-founder Jono Dixon (29 April 2010)


9. @ChristineTacon
Supermarket ombudsman Christine Tacon (29 January 2012)


10. @West Yeo
Somerset farmer and floods campaigner James Winslade (24 January 2014)

and finally…

11. @johanntasker
The first tweet by me, Farmers Weekly chief reporter Johann Tasker (23 June 2009)