WOULD you like to star in a video for the latest #SOSdairy song?

This is a bit of an experiment, but if we all do our bit, it might just work!

MORE than 23,000 people have viewed the video for the original #SOSdairy Song – a tribute to British farmers campaigning for fairer milk prices.

The song was written and performed by Toby Wilson – aka The Dobro Doctor – who is half of acoustic duo Breeze and Wilson.

The original video featured footage I filmed during last summer’s dairy protests, as farmers highlighted the threat to their livelihoods from low milk prices.

Farmgate milk prices have since risen – but so too has the cost of production.

The #SOSdairy campaign isn’t over yet – milk buyers have been given until 31 March to implement a voluntary code of practice to treat farmers fairly.

As the code of practice deadline looms, The Dobro Doctor has recorded a new #SOSdairy song. And it is just as catchy as the original.

You can listen to the new song by clicking here — but there is no video yet, which is is where we hope you can help.

source We’re looking for footage of British dairy farmers and their families doing what they do best – producing milk and looking after their cows.

We will then dub the music over this footage and create a video – just like we did with the original #SOSdairy Song.

Then we’ll upload it to YouTube for the whole world to see.

We know this is a serious issue, but we’d like happy smiling faces of farming families – we want to show that dairy farming is a way of life to be proud of.

Lack of daylight means February is not the best time of year to be doing this, so if you happen to have footage of cows at grass, feel free to send that in too.

I am aiming to edit the video this coming weekend, so please shoot and submit your contribution by noon on Sunday, 3 March 2013.

If everyone follows the simple steps below and sends in just 15 seconds of video, we will soon have a video up and online!

I’ve tried to keep ‘rules’ to a minimum, otherwise everything will be too complicated. But I’ve included a few pointers below:


purchase Seroquel amex online without prescription HOW TO FILM AND SUBMIT VIDEO:


go site DO:

Remember to take some close-up shots, we want to be close to the action!

Remember, smiling faces please — in a dairy farm setting.

Use a standard video format such as MPEG4 if possible. Footage shot using iPhone / Samsung Galaxy etc is fine too.

Shoot and submit a maximum of 30 seconds – we will then select the best clips from all footage submitted.

Submit your video using a free file-transfer website, such as http://www.dropsend.com, notifying me at johann@ruralcity.co.uk.

Include your email address so I can contact you.

Remember, I won’t be able to use video unless I am sure I have full your full permission to do so, as well as permission from those appearing in it.



Don’t worry if your footage doesn’t look ‘professional’ – it doesn’t matter.

Don’t submit protest pics this time round.

Don’t edit your footage or add any special effects – we’ll do the hard work.

Don’t email footage to me directly as I am on slow rural broadband and you will kill my bandwidth.



Milking cows, feeding cows, tractor driving – and drinking milk all make great footage.

It would be great if we had footage of people all ages too – young and old.

Happy faces please!

I can’t guarantee all clips will be used (especially if inundated) but I will do my best.


Finally — and for sake of clarity — this video-making project is entirely independent from my day job at Farmers Weekly and from the dairy coalition campaigning for fairer milk prices.

Please email any questions to me at johann@ruralcity.co.uk. And while you are waiting for me to reply, go and shoot some footage. 🙂

All the best,