Badger Cull Petition League Table

THERE are now at least 27 online petitions against government plans for a badger cull to combat bovine tuberculosis.

The Labour Party became the latest big-name organisation to launch an anti-cull campaign on Friday (19 August).

Within hours, Labour’s Can the Cull petition secured more than 700 signatures – propelling it straight in at fourth place as a new entry in the league table below.

Badger Cull Petition League Table

1 Rethink the badger cull 38 Degrees 23,823
2 Be one of the million
against the cull
League Against
Cruel Sports
3 Stop the badger cull Lindsay Hill* 792
4 Can the cull Labour Party 766
5 Tell ASDA not to buy milk from
farms involved in the badger cull
Neil Bartlett 372
6 Save our badgers Miss Sarah Amber Thomas* 81
7 Against the badger cull Julia Pook* 45
8 No badger cull – find a better
solution to bovine TB
Toby Gethin* 34
9 Help farmers fighting bovine TB
without killing badgers
Lisa Patterson* 31
10 Stop the badger cull Dr Craig Brown* 18

* e-petition on directgov website.
League table compiled by Johann Tasker
Updated: Friday, 19 August 2011 13:15pm

In first place is the petition by online activists 38 Degrees, which has secured more than 23,000 signatures since it was launched just a few weeks ago.

Only petitions that publish the number of signatures are included in the table.

The Vegetarians International Voice for Animals (Viva!) has its own petition Against the English badger ‘cull’ but it isn’t listed here because the website doesn’t show how many people have signed it.

There are other petitions out there. At the latest count, the government’s e-petition website includes 22 anti-cull petitions.

If you have an online petition you feel should be mentioned here, feel free to get in touch.

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  1. the impact is just diluted with so many petitions – and that’s exactly what the e-petition site wants. Divide and conquer!
    As for the labour party – its record since 1997 on animal welfare has been full of broken promises.
    There should be one petition only – then maybe it can reached the 100,000 necessary for a debate in parliament.
    Oh and stay away from the “stop drinking milk” angle – stick to the main objective of opposing a cull, not promoting a hidden agenda of anti farming.

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