A Twitter competition to meet farm minister David Heath has shone the light on barriers facing youngsters who want to get into farming*.

Here are 10 youngsters forging a career in agriculture:


1. @GarethBarlow
First-generation 22-year-old farmer, supplying premium rare breed Hebridean Lamb to restaurants in Yorkshire & London.


2. @farmer_benn
Suffolk Young Farmer, farming 32ha on the Suffolk/Essex boarder, working another 700ha south of Bury St Edmunds. Typical tweet:


3. @danwormell
27-year-old Essex-based farm manager & partner in family farming business. MSc, BASIS, FACTS. Typical tweet:


4. @MillyWastie
NFYFC chairman, passionate about future of farming. Rural road safety advocate & farmer’s wife in training. Typical tweet:


5. @RealFarmerPrice
Young(ish) farmer in Oxfordshire. Typical tweet:


6. @J_L_Pickering
A ‘Yes’ man, involved in the worlds of Agriculture and Politics. Playing life with a straight bat. Typical tweet:


7. @blondeagadvisor
Rural chartered surveyor & agricultural valuer (unusual land agent-no red cords). Typical tweet:


8. @dpayne4468
Dan – 21 – Yorkshire – Member of Young Farmers – Looking to get onto the farming ladder. Typical tweet:



9. @helbags
Young Lady 26 on a rollercoaster!! Ex-Suffolk YFC County Chair! Dairy Farmer! Promoting Agri!!


10. @OhBatey
Father, Agricultural chairman at NFYFC with burning passion in agriculture and agri-politics. Views are mine.. Not yours!


* the five winners of the Twitter competition were: @SPTJ1; @AlexPStevens@ehwscott; @PhillSteadman; @becca_watkins1. For details, see A Blackberry is a Phone, not a Fruit.