Report all farm crime incidents to drive rural message home

Farm theft is a serious issue – and the latest figures show it is getting worse. It is also costing farmers a serious amount of money. Continue reading

UK government must consider post-Brexit farm policies more deeply

Defra secretary Michael Gove must consider his policy proposals for UK agriculture more deeply if the sector is to thrive outside the European Union. Continue reading

Farmer hit in face with metal bar after taking on illegal hare coursers

A Cambridgeshire farmer needed 14 stitches after being struck by a metal bar during an encounter with illegal hare coursers. Continue reading

Brexit Britain: Where next for family farmers?

The biggest uncertainty faced by British farmers used to be the weather. Now it is the impact that leaving the EU will have on UK agriculture. Continue reading

Michael Gove must show he is good for farming

Few politicians divide opinion like Michael Gove. The newly appointed Defra secretary has a reputation for being a heavy-hitter – which some farmers need as Brexit negotiations get under way. But he also has his flaws. Continue reading

UK minister hints at more consensual approach to Brexit

Defra minister George Eustice tells me the UK will adopt a more consensual approach to Brexit after the 2017 general election result. Continue reading

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